Jewelry Cleaning Boise

Rings – Pendants – Bracelets – Earrings

It’s very important to have your ring cleaned and checked every 4- 6months. Be sure to frequently check your jewelry for bent or missing prongs or loose clasps. If you do see something loose, it’s recommended that you take off the piece of jewelry, place it and any loose pieces in a plastic bag and bring it in for repair. At Anita’s Jewelers we clean and check your ring at no charge – even if the item was not purchased from our shop.

Anita‘s Jewelers carries many types of jewelry cleaner for you to care for your jewelry at home. But if your want to make your own cleaner mix 1 part white sudsy ammonia to 2 parts water. Swish your gold jewelry and nonporous gems into the mixture then rinse with water. Dry with a soft clean cloth. Do not soak overnight as this pitts the gold and makes it weak.

Washing pearls with a mild soap solution is generally considered to be a safe cleaning method, but the best way to take care of a discolored thread is to have the necklace restrung by a reliable jeweler. This process should be done occasionally regardless of the strings cleanliness as the nylon or silk holding the pearls together deteriorates over time and may break with regular wear. To prevent the necklace from getting dirty, make it the last item you put on while dressing and the first one you take off. This will minimize the contact the pearls have with the body lotion and cosmetics that may stain the string and damage the pearls that may cause the pearls to lose their luster. Remember before storing a strand, its’ best to wipe the strand down with a damp (water), soft cloth that will remove any residual body oils. Then slip into a fabric pouch so the pearls will not be scratched by other pieces of jewelry. Individual pearls can be taken care of in the same manor.

Sterling Silver

We carry velvet cloths for the cleaning of Sterling Silver. And for very damaged tarnished silver jewelry we also carry a heavy duty cleaner. Due to the strength of this cleaner we do not sell it but will be happy to dip your jewelry for you. Depending on how many pieces will determine the charge.

Boise Jewelry Cleaning